What is marriagead.com?
Marriagead.com is a disciplined dating platform that offers the opportunity to meet new people with a friendship mindset and while doing so, places emphasis on safety and privacy.  

How does marriagead.com work?
There is no membership on marriagead.com site, there is profile creation and profile review, marriagead.com gives users the opportunity to create profiles and review the profiles that are published for free, to create a profile you only need to have an e-mail address you use regularly.
Male and female users can create a free profile on marriagead.com, all suitable profiles are approved for free and all approved profiles are published open to visitors.

How can I create a profile on marriage.com?
You can start your profile creation process by entering the information requested from you on the "create profile" page on the marriagead.com site. After filling in the requested information from you, you need to confirm your profile by clicking the "send button" by clicking the confirmation link that will come to your e-mail address, and then your profile will be published open to visitors after passing the review phase of our editors.

How should I create my profile?
Creating a profile at marriagead.com is very simple and easy. Remember, this is a dating platform, so we recommend that you express yourself in the most relaxed and authentic way.

My profile is online, how will they reach me?
If the viewers of your profile on marriagead.com want to communicate with you via message, you can follow the messages of those who send you messages from the e-mail address you use in your profile information, if you have given your phone number in your profile, people who want to meet you will definitely contact by phone

My profile is disapproved, why?
Can I create more than one profile?

You can check the marriagead.com profile approval rules for both questions.

How can I change or delete my profile information?
Profiles cannot be edited for security reasons, but you can delete them at any time, you can completely delete them from the profile link sent by us to the e-mail address you used when creating the "Profile". Marriagead.com is not responsible for deleting a profile, the person who created the profile is responsible for deleting your profile, it is recommended that you add your profile link to the favorite pages of your internet browser so that you do not have any problems when you want to delete your profile and you can access the link whenever you want.

How can I reach users with a profile?
Marriagead.com is Turkey's first and only useful and free dating site. It does not even require membership to reach users, you can send a free message to anyone you want without being a member or call them if they have a mobile phone in their profile.

Why should I trust marriagead.com?
Marriagead.com is a dating platform consisting entirely of real people, it provides free service to its users. Our editors carefully examine the profiles on marriagead.com and approve the profiles. We definitely do not approve every profile.

You can send your mails to info@marriagead.com at any time of the day for any problem you have on marriagead.com or any questions you think need to be answered.

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