Privacy and Terms of Use

1-) In the profiles posted on;
- The person who creates the profile is responsible for personal contact information (e-mail address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.).
- The information must be real.
- Profiles cannot contain insults in any way, sexist or racist expressions cannot be used. Profiles should comply with general morality.
- Those who want to use a language other than Turkish and English should use short expressions.
- Any political opinion, religion etc. propaganda cannot be made, even if it is done, the person who posted the profile is responsible.
- Profiles cannot contain any advertising element.
- is not responsible for the accuracy of the information.

2-) Profiles published on are open to all visitors. Users accept that their profile information can be seen by everyone, and all information is under the responsibility of the people who created the profile. Although continuous checks are carried out by us, it is not possible to control all profiles in full time due to the transaction volume.

3-) is only an intermediary. Saved profiles indicate the views and opinions of the profile owner and does not accept responsibility for all these posts. Other users may report malicious, disturbing, illegal and illegal information to us. reserves the right to remove inappropriate profiles reported to us without any reason for the post.

4-) Profile creators can't post and send anything that is criminal, needs legal proceeding, creates a situation contrary to national or universal laws or encourages such kind of situations as illegal, threatening, offensive, insulting, defamatory, vulgar, pornographic or immoral. In any case, the crime belongs to the one who commits the crime. does not take responsibility.

5-) offers people who are looking for friendship to know and choose each other with their free will. People who meet in an interactive environment have no contribution or responsibility in the formation of mutually compatible wills. Therefore, cannot be addressed in any way to the criminal and / or legal claims of the parties.

6-) Those who create a profile should always be aware that they act in a virtual environment, and avoid giving explanatory information about their private lives to the other party without gaining full confidence.

7-) The profile information published on can be seen by all visitors. A link to delete and edit the profile is sent to the e-mail address used in the profile while creating the profile. The person who creates a profile has the right to edit and delete the profile at any time. is absolutely not responsible for the removal of published profiles.  

8-) IP numbers of the computers of visitors who create profiles on and try to communicate with the existing profile owners from the communication areas are recorded by the system for security reasons. In case of harassment or threat, these numbers can be used to determine the identity of the user and given to the judiciary if necessary. It should be known that due to this obligation, our obligation to keep secret will also disappear.

9-) Those who publish profiles cannot post or send any information, software or material that contains viruses or harmful elements, has commercial purposes or advertisements.

10-) Visitors who create profiles on site and view the profiles are deemed to have accepted the above items.

11-) Despite what is written above, when we are subject to compensation to our users and third parties by law as, this compensation will not exceed 50 TL.

12-) Herein Contract will be subject to Turkish Law. Denizli Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized in any dispute arising from herein contract.

Privacy and Terms of Use

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